A gap in your circle

There is a hole in your wholeness; it is a gap in your perfect circle.
There is a split in your completeness; it is your awareness of others.
There is a shout in your silence; it is the realisation of your thoughts.
There is a shattering of your peace; it is the need for adventure.
There is a ripple in your calm; it is the birth of new ideas.
There is a disruption of your thoughts; it is the awareness of other life.
If life was perfect, life would die.
If there were no ripples, there would be no sound.
If there were no waves, the world would be blind.
If the sea was like glass, the world could not live.
If your breath became silence, death would prevail.
There is a hole in your wholeness, a gap in your circle.
This is duality.
This is what makes the game.
There is no end to the game, no final victory and no final cosmic win.
You are eternal, you did not begin, nor will you end.
The game is eternal because, there will always be a gap in your circle