A mere reflection

Everything you do, is a mere reflection of what is really happening.
You think you are reading these pages, probably with the hope of learning something.
Your eternal self, your intuition, the I am, that you forgot, is not seeing it that way.
It is writing these words as you read them, to try and prompt you to remember.
You think that they were written out there in the world, by some odd bod with a mission.
That’s because your mind insists on logic and structure.
It insists on systems and situations that it can recognise.
It does not allow for the spontaneity and outlandishness of the infinite.
Yet, you cannot live anywhere else but within the infinite.
You have not left just because you are experiencing the earth reality.
You are always within the infinite and eternal, but your mind refuses to believe it.
Your mind has been conditioned to see nothing but barriers and negative reasons.
It has been conditioned to believe solidly in the dirty little patch of world you see before you.
You have been taught to be a mental slave.
Not only that, you have been taught that slavery is good and that everything will be fine.
At least, it will be once you win lotto!
This world is not what you are doing.
Your eternal self is the doer.
You are the hapless and helpless shadow that follows its actions as it tries to lead you out of this complicated and ignorant world view.
When you walk down the street, your true self is moving you to another part of your mental reality to try and wake you up.
When you have an accident or a disappointment or a failure, it is your intuition loading negativity upon you, trying to get you to see through the illusion.
You are a puppet on the end of strings driven by your eternal awareness.
You are not intelligent, good looking or even awake.
You are a mindless zombie, with an intelligence buried deep beneath layers of ego.
You are driven in everything you do.
Your ego claims to be the cause of everything in your life but that is part of the deceit.
Your intuitive self is the cause of all that happens to you.
It is plotting and twisting you all day, every day, trying to prompt you to dissolve your limiting ego.
It is trying to remind you that you are not a mindless moron.
It is trying to expand your thinking so that you consider life from a vast point of view.
Your ego is not your self.
It belongs to the earth and its job is to keep you bound to this world.
It can only do that while you give up your self control to it.
It cannot harm you if you refuse to yield to its maniacal moaning.
You are not a hero, you are not wonderful, smart or attractive.
That is just ego talk.
You are something else, something beyond your present ability to remember.
So don’t you think that it might be a good idea to take the time and try and remember?