Ancient secret texts

Imagine you lived your life within a great wall that surrounded your whole world.
You didn’t know it was a wall because it looked like you are living within a sphere, a sky, a gaseous layer that you believed, protected from the hazards of open space.
Everything that happens within this enclosed world, seems normal to you because that is all you know.
You accept greed, anger, disappointment and failure as normal.
You think dishonest governments and devious bankers are the way of business.
You understand that incessant struggle, unfair competition and bitter meanness is the natural way of this world.
Even though you are limited in everything you do, you would be quite comfortable within this prison, simply because that’s all you know.
Imagine if you found some ancient secret texts that revealed you are a prisoner on a nasty world that harvested the negative energies from all life.
You would be very skeptical.
You would probably discard the writings as fantasy.
Imagine if the text went on to tell you that just outside the great wall of ignorance, there is an infinite and fascinating universe of absolute freedom; an endless cosmos of advanced technologies.
Not only that, there are people, beings, aliens, life forms, living odd energies, all busy within their own individuality.
Just out there, beyond the wall, and beyond your imagination and memory, is a reality that is even more real than the one you are living now.
There is a reality where you are not limited by a heavy, weak, fleshy body; a place where music and art and creativity leap across galaxies to enlighten whole worlds.
Space ships, creative and magical worlds, advanced wise beings, humour, laughter and love all permeate the infinite eternity of possibilities.
Imagine if you are free to travel where ever your heart desires.
Your body is energy and there are no limits on what you can do.
You are the god of your own world.
It would be a wonderful place in which to wake up.
It would be amazing if you could remember these things while you are in this poisonous reality.
But wait a minute, it’s just some old texts you are reading.
It was probably written by some religious nut.
Think about it, it sounds like a fairy tale.
You would probably not believe one word because it would offend your egotistical, narrow minded beliefs and your superstitious nature.
So I won’t bother writing any more about it.
Even though, it is less than a hairs breadth away from you, well, so the texts say.