Ask to remember

Imagine that you died, and then for one brief moment you realised that everything you thought you knew and understood, is wrong.
Imagine the heavy let down, the sinking disappointment and the screaming frustration.
But, before you could do anything about it, you were led into a tunnel of light and sucked into forgetfulness.
Then it all starts again, you have to relearn everything because you forgot.
When you die, you will follow your ego because that’s what you did when you were alive.
Nothing changes.
As you live, so you die.
When you die, you are hit with a shock that makes you forget everything that you just learned.
Then, you are reborn with only vague memories of what you are capable of.
Upon death, you receive a powerful dose of forgetfulness, to keep you ignorant, to keep you in slavery.
Everything you believe right now, right this instant, is wrong and misleading.
Science, religions, politics, history, everything you have been taught is a lie.
Your whole life is a facade.
You are not a human being, you are an eternal being, visiting another reality.
Unfortunately this reality is cloaked in a web of amnesia.
There is no escape in the outer world.
There are no answers out there.
You will not find any person wise enough to show you how to break the monotonous cycle.
It has to be done from within yourself.
It has to be done through your own intuitive being.
Repeatedly, ask to remember.
Before you go to sleep, ask to remember.
As soon as you wake up, ask to remember.
Whenever you have a few moment to spare, ask to remember.
Your intuition can and will guide you out of this mess, if you trust its guidance.
Otherwise, you may be here for eons, going round and around and around, repeating the same old boring stories over and over and over.
You are listening to fake stories and have built a prison around them.
You are being psychologically bombarded, constantly reminded that you are powerless, dumb and stupid.
You are walking round and around a circular room, looking for corners.
You forgot your own truth, it is not a good situation.
Your false beliefs have left you imprisoned and mentally retarded.
Ask to remember.
You are an eternal something with a heart of absolute freedom, ask to remember.
Ask to remember.
Ask to remember.