Blot in eternity

You are a dot of existence.
You are not your body nor your beliefs.
Your essence is a dot, a dimensionless dot.
This dot is an idea in the mind of the whole, the one, unity.
This dot is a self-conscious, intelligent awareness.
From within itself thought arises.
Thought creates reality.
Thought creates existence.
Existence creates adventure and drama.
If you could see this dot, it would be black.
But you can’t see it because it is dimensionless.
It has no size, it is only an idea.
This blackness is not of colour, it is the blackness of unformed, unlimited possibilities.
The blackness is infinite potential.
It is a black hole of no depth.
At heart, all life is this dimensionless black thing.
From the nothingness, with the ability to imagine, comes ideas and these ideas form into something.
This is called a reality.
There are endless thoughts and ideas, and there are endless realities.
Your dot thinks it is a human being on planet earth.
It forgot that it’s a dot.
It forgot that it has absolute freedom to be where and when it wants.
Now, you the dot, are surrounded by and immersed in an ego.
Your very perception is egotistical.
Everything in this world is enveloped in vanity.
Your belief in yourself is vanity.
You have no need to believe in yourself, for you are nothing else but a being that exists.
You exist, whether you believe it or not.
You have no need to think you are this or that or something else because you are a dot, a thing without description, an awareness, not a body.
Your belief in self and its needs, are all egotistical.
Your belief in action or inaction, pride or humility, black or white, is all from the ego.
You are an eternal nothingness that has entered earth reality.
It then heaped loads of ideas and beliefs upon itself.
Now you hold dearly, an identity that you think is a vital part of your existence.
You really believe that you are a human on planet Earth.
This belief makes you afraid of death.
It makes you mistrustful of your intuition.
It gives you a foolish faith in your ego.
You cannot escape from this reality while you hold to the idea of a body.
Your belief in your body is your belief in this world.
Your belief in this world keeps you in prison.
You are a dot, a spot, an immeasurable blot in eternity.
Think on it and imagine it, free yourself of your belief in your body, it is only a space suit for visitors to this world.
You are a dot, a spot, an immeasurable blot in eternity.