Brain is a hard drive

Your body is someone else’s robot and it is powered by your personal essence.
Your body is a home for the ego, powered by an unwilling slave; the eternal you.
You gain control every time your mind chooses intuition over ego.
Your mind will only let your intuition rule continuously, when it remembers what you are.
It does not remember often enough to make a difference for most people.
Life is miserable and unlucky because that is what the ego leads you into.
It feeds off your sadness.
Its job is to keep you in a forgetful state of obedience.
Its job is to keep you distracted and busy, so that you do not have time to remember.
If you managed to escape this prison world, your ego would die.
Its job is to kill your intuition so that it can live.
Ego is an artificial intelligence that has no life of its own.
It is a slave driver that keeps whipping the mind into submission.
It is the cruel tyrant that keeps his people in the dark, while he swans around in the sun.
Your body is a robot.
Your ego is a heartless construct.
Your body is a prison, within the prison of this reality.
Your ego is an artificial intelligence powered by your eternal self.
It is an alien that has hijacked your life.
To the ego, you are the alien that it has imprisoned.
Your mind is the observer of life.
In this reality, you live in a constant state of frustration as your ego encourages bad decisions and then watches them turn into uncomfortable situations.
Your brain is a hard drive that has been programmed to believe a false history of itself.
It is programmed to be dumb, submissive and narrow minded.
Your soul or essence is the eternal and independent source that powers it all.
It is the unwilling battery.
As long as the source does not wake up, the energy is continuously supplied and the prison planet flourishes.
If it wakes up, it will escape and return to its source.
While your intuition sleeps, the ego recycles you, life after life.
There are no rewards for good behaviour and no payment due for evil done.
It is a mindless, meaningless and endless road.
The ego needs to keep you in this hopeless loop of daily drudgery.
This is an automatic process, as long as your mind is crystallised with foolish beliefs.
You can only wake up by remembering.
You can remember by repeatedly quieting your ego and asking your true self to reset your mind to remember.
You must ask before it can be done, your world is always your choice.
You need to do this often, to get through the mental blocks you have created in your head.
It takes time because your blocks are vast.
You are trapped inside an alien robot that is abusive and deceptive.
You must look for the truth within yourself so that you can wake up and remember.
You do not belong in this hellish reality.