Despite your arrogance

Your memory of your true self is a thread away from your awareness.
It would only take a small prompt to make you realise that you are much more than you are aware of.
Problem is, you have small prompts throughout your life, you call them revelations but then, you usually dismiss them as interesting but not useful.
They soon fade from memory.
If you want to escape from the madness of your own world, you need to take notice of the odd events that happen to you.
Observe coincidences and the odd timing of situations.
Take notice of prophetic dreams and warnings in your mind.
Look for loose threads and follow them.
Observe the prompts that come into your life to remind you that there is more.
Take notice of the messages and omens you see around you, they are endless.
Your intuition never stops trying to find a way to get your attention, so that you will wake up.
You will not escape if you ignore these personal messages that come at you every day.
While you place more value on head than heart, you will continue to drift back into your daily stupor, no matter how wonderful the revelation may have been.
Set your mind on discovering your own truth.
Set your mind on achieving absolute freedom, despite the negativity and limitations that you are drowning in.
Let your mind wander.
Follow loose threads of idle and odd ideas.
Entertain crazy notions and impossible worlds.
Play with imagined realities and incredible circumstances.
In other worlds, break the spell that this world has upon your senses.
You are not the chubby and unreliable water bag you live within.
That is a prison, owned and ruled by your own ego.
You are not someone special in society.
You are not a human being struggling to survive in an endless war.
You are an eternal something, an intelligent cosmic being, with a fascinating and interesting purpose.
You are a universal traveller, a wise ancient thing, an eternal energy and part of an endlessly interesting reality.
You are not a foolish and ignorant failure, making castles out of filthy mud, and futures out of desperate hopes.
Your body might be these things, but it is only your space suit, it is not you.
This world is designed to distract you from your own truth and it is doing an excellent job of it.
There are billions like you, lost in the madness of false histories, false promises and false hopes.
You don’t have to remain in this state of stupor and stupidity.
It is up to you.
If you wish to remain, then continue following the insidious voice of your depraved and self-destructive ego.
If you wish to escape, then start taking the time to listen to your true heart, your intuition, your eternal and wondrous self.
It is there now, right this second, trying to communicate, despite your arrogance.