Energy suckers

The world you see before you, is the extent of your awareness.
Your world is nothing more than what you are immersed in.
Your world is not a war in some far-off land that you heard about, nor is it the financial troubles in a foreign country.
Neither is it your neighbour’s problems or a story you saw on TV.
Your world is what you are experiencing, not what you imagine exists, or heard that exists.
It is what you are immersed in.
Every moment is your truth, your world.
The extent of your awareness is the extent of your world.
Your world is limited by your beliefs, your insights, your loves and your dislikes.
You decide what is in your world by your compromises and fears, your beliefs and your understandings.
Your world is far more individual than you think.
Your world changes as you change, it folds, unfolds, converts and adapts according to what is going through your mind.
If you give your mind up to someone else’s ideas, then it moves to adapt to these.
When you follow a religion, or have a hero or guru, you are allowing other minds to change the quality of your awareness.
You are trading your own insights for second-hand information that is not you.
This is crazy because only you know what is best for you.
There is nothing out there that can take the place of your own heart, your source of truth, insight and knowledge.
Your own true self is the only reliable and intelligent source of guidance in your world.
Even these words are guide posts only.
They are not truth or dogma or insight, they are mere prompts to remind you to look within.
When you become immersed in something in the outside world, such as TV, movies, music, you have surrendered your insight to the awareness of outside sources.
Most of these outside forces are oppressive and subtly undermine your self-confidence and your trust in your intuition.
These outside and often unseen powers want to keep you in slavery because the energy of your unhappiness, is the sustenance they crave.
You are surrounded by feeders, negative energies that suck your energy and muddle your mind.
They cannot touch you, unless you submit but you submit every time you get lost in your trust in the physical world.
If you want to escape this uncomfortable situation, you must become aware of the extent of your awareness.
You are an unending source of food, to powers that you do not want to know about.
You are vulnerable while you believe in the sinister systems of this world.
You are susceptible while you trust governments and corporations and institutions.
Your life is a TV screen and you fall into that image when you start to believe in it.
When you become immersed in a screen, you are falling into a reality within a reality and making your mud puddle even murkier.
Everything before you is flexible and altering as you move through it.
Life is not a common experience, each being is having a unique and individual experience.
Your world is alive and crawling with ever-hungry energy suckers.
If you don’t like it, turn within because that is your only chance of freedom.