Extent of awareness

You decide the extent of your awareness.
You decide what you will experience.
You decide what you will believe.
You are driven by fear of the unknown and the unpredictable.
Most of your decisions are based on uncertainty and fear.
Your ego constantly promises security, good luck and happy outcomes but they rarely happen.
Yet you continue to listen to it.
Your fears make this world an unlucky and uncomfortable prison surrounded by the invisible limitations that you have placed before you.
These limitations are the results of your negative thinking and belief and trust in the systems that rule society.
You choose to believe that laws are for your protection and that science will make a better life and that wars are inevitable.
You trust corporations that betray you and institutions that rob you.
You believe in crazy, negative and miserable ideas.
These ideas are borrowed, they are not yours.
These ideas are designed to keep you ignorant and you gladly accept them, which keeps you ignorant.
You decide the extent of your awareness.
You are the creator of your universe.
You are the god of your little world but you have surrendered control to your enemy, your ego.
Your ego is the voice of big brother, the shadow of failure and defeat, that follows your days.
You do not have to believe it.
You can always ask your intuition to guide you out of this mess.
You decide the extent of your awareness.
When you remember your essence, your true self, you will remember the power you have.
You will remember the absolute freedom you enjoy.
You will remember the happiness that is naturally yours but for now, you have forgotten.
You decide the extent of your awareness.
Extend it or die once more and be sucked right back into the ever-hungry system.
You decide the extent of your awareness.