Fuzzy sphere

You are a fuzzy sphere, riding in a body that you did not design, in a world that you cannot escape from.
You are the controller of a robot but don’t do it very well, because you often let the robot take control of you.
The robot uses you as its energy source.
You are an eternal something that exists within the infinite something-else but you forgot.
You are so lost in this world, that you think you are the robot and that everything it says and does is wonderful and true.
The robot is a water machine, designed to limit your expression in this reality.
It carries within it, various mind control mechanisms that stop you remembering what you are, one of these is your ego.
You sit in the mind along with your ego.
From there, you battle almost every moment of your life with this negative neighbour as it tries to lead you into eternal frustration and sadness.
From there in the mind, you both watch and immerse yourselves in the daily play of madness that never ceases in this insane reality.
This reality is a play that glorifies meanness and prejudice and greed.
It is a play about a prison in which the inmates are rewarded for believing the deceitful custodians.
They are rewarded for blind allegiance to their corrupt and compromised leaders.
It is a play that forever adds little annoyances and impositions upon you.
These things incite a negative reaction and this energy feeds the ego that runs your robot.
The body is the tool, you are the fuel and the ego is the fool.
You are a fuzzy ball of energy trapped by your own beliefs, in the brain of a zombie.
You reach out and can feel limbs and torso and your environment, and imagine that this is reality.
But, you are only a fuzzy sphere, not the body you experience.
You are acting like the fool!
You are an eternal intelligence behaving like a temporary idiot.
You are a magnificent intuition acting like a stupid moron.
You are absolute freedom but you think you are a limited nothing.
Wake up and set yourself free.
Your world is made up of the energy of your mind.
You made the ridiculous situations that you experience, you can change them if you desire.
Wake up and listen to your intuition, it is you!
You are not your ego.
You are not your body.
You are not this prison planet.
You are an intelligent cosmic thing that lives within the essence of absolute freedom.
This is exactly opposite to what you are accepting as true in your life, right now.
You are a fuzzy sphere of energy.
It is not spiritual or religious or amazingly magic.
It is a practical thing that belongs in a place, that is almost the opposite to what you experience in this world.
Ask your intuition about it.