Keep you dumb

Your true heart, your intuition, your forgotten self is not some sort of other-worldly god-like creature that wafts around like mist on a winters morning.
It is not a holy and superior being that has no character or individuality and looks like a medieval painting.
Neither does it wear priestly robes and mutter wise words and guidance to all.
Your true heart, your intuition, your forgotten self is a practical, real and tangible being.
It is sold and subject to natural laws.
These laws vary according to the world that is being experienced.
In this world, you have been taught fantastical lies that have been intentionally designed to mislead and enslave.
The afterlife, heaven, the somewhere that you return to when you die, is not a pathetically, insipid place where lions and lambs frolic in open fields of fresh flowers.
You are a real and eternal being and so is the somewhere else that you came from.
When you die, you should have the choice of where and what you will be.
Instead, your ego deceives you, and abruptly leads you back into another life of slavery on Earth.
When you decided to experience this world, you did not realise that it is surrounded by a blanket of amnesia.
From birth, you are told that you are a flabby thing in a soggy body that is too stupid to succeed, but good luck trying.
Your education has been designed to keep you dumb and unquestioning.
Religion is also designed to make you servile and weak.
Government laws and regulations are designed to restrict and they force you to obey.
Subtly, you have been told a million times: Shut up and obey, robot!
Now, you think that this is normal and the right thing to do.
You are a robot with amnesia.
You forgot everything.
You are an immortal visitor to this world who has been lied to and forced into mental slavery.
Food, air, water, all of the essentials have chemicals that keep you drugged and dumb.
You behave like a sheep, following without reason or consideration.
You blindly follow fashion, trends and popular ideas.
Your mind is a slave to the propaganda constantly being spewed by the media.
For most people, life is a boring blur of neutrality and frustration.
You are not a slave, you are not a docile dope, tied to a treadmill.
You are a visitor who forgot that he is free and immortal.
Imagine waking up in a jungle with amnesia and a remote tribe adopts you.
One day, someone arrives from somewhere else and tries to tell you about this somewhere else.
You would never believe him.
Even though, city life is just as real as jungle life, because it is totally different, you would have trouble believing it exists.
So it is with you in this world.
You are locked in a prison of forgetfulness.
You came from another life that is just as real as this life.
Even the leaders in this world, your prison guards, no longer remember.
They serve the system, to perpetuate the false histories and stories that they were also fed.
The majority are asleep and those few who wake and remember, are treated like lunatics.
Take time to try and remember.
And when you do, don’t let your thoughts be too ethereal, too religious or vague.
Don’t try and imagine yourself as some god-like superman or angelic wonder-woman with a holy mission to save the world.
Instead, keep it real.
You are real in every world you live in.
Every night before you sleep, ask to remember.
Every morning as soon as you awake, ask to remember.
You do not belong in this frustrating and unfair life.
You are a cosmic gypsy, a player among the stars, a fantastical free-thing.
You forgot.
It is just as real as this life is, maybe even more so.
Now is the time to start remembering.
It is time to escape your mental prison.