Mask upon a mask

You are wearing a mask, upon a mask, upon a mask.
Your true heart is buried beneath layers of pretense.
You have forgotten what you are.
You have forgotten how to live without pretending.
You are always acting, always pretending to be something other than what you are.
You are surrounded by actors, acting out roles within roles.
You do not remember what the play within the play is about.
Most of the world is lost behind layers of lies, layers of falseness.
You have a face you present to your family, another for your boss, another for the government, on and on, endless faces for endless scenarios.
Then, when you are alone, you are restless and cannot relax because you no longer remember what you are.
You have forgotten that you are an eternal something.
You have forgotten that you have a solid and endlessly reliable intuition.
You have forgotten that you have deep memories of other worlds, lives, realms and planes.
You have forgotten your cosmic skills and your brilliant mind and your absolute freedom.
Your masks are making life more difficult every day.
They are burying you beneath ugly blankets of artificiality.
They do not help ease your discomfort and misfortune in this world.
They are burying you and suffocating your true self.
Refuse to wear your daily faces.
Refuse to try and impress others.
Instead, without justification and with simple humility, be what your heart wants to express.
Be simple, be honest, be trusting and be naive.
It takes a lot more courage than it does to wear a mask.