No body at all

Your eternal self does not have a body anything like a human body.
Your true self is energy, energy that takes on the colours and forms of your mind.
It forever changes as your ideas change.
This form thinks ideas into reality, for investigation, for play, for development.
These ideas are always in relation to the thinker, so they have a certain signature or similarity to the thinker.
All ideas exist but you can only think along the lines of what you are currently expressing.
If you are a lover, you do not suddenly think in terms of being a killer.
If you are a builder, you cannot suddenly think like a destroyer.
You share universes with other energies and this gives you breath-taking diversity and fascinating opportunities for fantastical experiences.
You agree to the rules of a universe when you enter it.
Your energy body does not breath, eat or sleep.
These are functions of the human body, designed to keep you enslaved in a tight web of amnesia and discomfort.
Your earthly body is a demanding distraction.
It constantly stops your mind from thinking beyond its immediate needs or wants.
The Earth reality is a trap, designed to keep you in a state of forgetfulness.
You are lost in an almost impenetrable web of amnesia
It is constantly making you forget what you are.
It is almost impossible to escape from.
However, you live within the eternal and infinite, there is no impossible.
There are always cracks, leaks, weak points and minor faults that can be exploited.
There is always a way out, a means of escaping, a hidden exit.
This world and its multi-levels of slavery is temporary.
It may take another 5000 years before it is free, or maybe 5000 minutes, either way, everything will collapse one day.
You live within eternity, a state of timelessness, 5000 years is not real.
Everything you believe in, is false and temporary.
There is no gravity, no night and day, no limits, no rules.
There is no government, no oppression, no cruelty and restriction.
These things are ideas that you have accepted as truth.
Hence your mind keeps them alive and the quantum nothingness makes them a reality for you.
When you die, if you were able to immediately let your ideas of this world die also, you would be free.
However, this does not happen because you are afraid to let go.
You fear what might remain.
There is nothing to fear, your true essence is absolute freedom.
Your earthly experience is the exact opposite; it is absolute confinement.
Seek absolute freedom above everything and your heart will always lead you along the shortest path to remembering.
You are not a slave, you just act like one and your beliefs make it so.
You are an eternal something, with a free ticket to fly anywhere you desire across the endless eternity of existence.
You forgot, take a few moments each day and try to remember.
You will get many pleasant surprises.