No teachers

There are no teachers, changers, movers and shakers.
These people are egos, claiming superiority and superior knowledge.
You cannot teach anyone anything.
You can remind, prompt, direct but you cannot teach.
Every living thing is a world within itself.
Every living thing contains all knowledge and all understanding.
Unfortunately, in this world, almost every living thing forgot what they are and what they know.
So they use other people to remind them, to hint and to nudge their memories.
These other people usually think that makes them teachers.
You cannot learn something, you remember it.
You cannot change anyone, you can prompt them to remember so that they make their own changes.
The most you can do is share.
This sharing is called love.
It is equality.
Love can be a fleeting feeling between two beings or it can be an eternal bond.
There is a whole range of its expressions.
Sharing is prompting each other to remember, on an equal and unprejudiced foundation.
Mutual respect, which is love, makes mutual prompting easy.
Neither teaches the other, yet each inspires and reminds the other, of things that they forgot.
At basic atomic level, all beings are united and are one.
However, it is rare to experience this level of awareness and it is difficult to live with this understanding because it contradicts most of what you have been told.
It is difficult to recall anything but the lies you have been taught since birth.
A heavy curtain of forgetfulness numbs your infinite memory.
This makes sharing a rare thing.
Most people behave dogmatically or arrogantly when they impart information to prompt another.
If you wish to teach someone else, try sharing with an equal and unprejudiced attitude.
Imagine that you are merely reminding them of some point that you think is important for them.
Anyway, who are you to teach?
You don’t really know anything about your own life, let alone think that you can guide others along the way.
There are no teachers, there are prompters, reminders and hint givers.
There are sign posts and direction pointers but no teachers.