Plastic souvenir

Imagine if you were a tiny water organism that lived inside of one of those plastic souvenirs that look as if it is snowing when you shake it.
Imagine how tiny your world would be.
Imagine how limited your knowledge of life would be.
You would not dare imagine that beings as complicated as humans existed.
You would not even imagine how vast their intelligence was compared to yours.
You would probably invent all sorts of strange reasons why your world would shake every now, and then the atmosphere became full of white flakes that slowly settled, until the next storm hit.
You would see shadows outside of your plastic dome of existence, but there is no way that you could understand what was going on.
Maybe you would even build a religion around this mystery, depends how eager you were to control the masses of organisms that shared life with you.
Being a tiny organism in a plastic souvenir is not really living.
This is you, in this plastic, enclosed environment called Earth.
You think it is real.
You are no different to that little organism.
You are just as ignorant and just as limited.
Appearances tell you that you are a human being, living in a water robot, called a body.
You are experiencing that situation, but you are not that experience.
You are an eternal intelligence, trapped behind a veil of amnesia.
You are an infinite consciousness, suppressed and imprisoned by your own ego.
You are an immortal something, that has been buried under a muddle of noise, lies and regimentation.
You are an ancient awareness whose freedom has been curtailed by your willingness to obey big brother and its cohorts.
Your ego represents big brother.
Your heart is the way out of this mess.
Ask your intuition for help.
Spend more time in silence, keeping your ego at bay.
Look for wild and exciting ideas that possibly, are memories of a strange, forgotten past.
Stop accepting ridiculous and stifling, rational and logical reasons for everything.
The infinite is not reasonable, nor is it rational nor logical.
It is without rules and limits and has no interest in the petty limits mankind places on life.
Let go of all the junk and give your intuitive self space to play in your narrow little life.
Then see what happens.
No guarantees, except, you will like it!