Everything blocks your freedom in this world.
Your body is heavy and slow.
Your thoughts are often unclear and confused.
Your fears cloud your vision.
Even the air you walk through, offers resistance to absolute freedom.
People restrict you when their ideas conflict with yours.
Social pressures force you to conform.
Individuality is limited, to align you to the group you associate with.
Creative ideas are restricted to politically correct directions.
Relationships are restrictive, so is travel and adventure.
Religions subtly place guilt upon your free thinking.
Corporations implant a restlessness and fear, all for the sake of money.
Governments continually demand more from you and in return put more laws in place.
Everything blocks your freedom in this world.
This is an unnatural life.
Your core essence is absolute freedom.
You are in a prison that never gives you a moments respite.
Restrictions are designed as distractions.
They keep you from having the time to question, to think and to ponder life.
Even meditation and spirituality place rules and restrictions upon you.
You have to do it this way or you should listen to that master or you have to read this sacred text or do these sacred exercises.
It is all rubbish.
All you have to do is remember, that’s all.
You need to remember what you are.
You need to remember that you are an eternal something that has the heart of absolute freedom.
Everything else is a lie and a restriction.
All resistance is designed to slow you down and to keep you in ignorance of your own truth.
There are no gurus or masters or teachers worth listening to.
They are all egos.
Even these words are rubbish, you are the only truth.
Your own heart knows the answers.
Do not volunteer to join the resistance, you are already immersed in it.
Instead, leave it and seek peace and silence.
Escape by doing nothing and going nowhere.
The path of least resistance is through your own heart, listen to it.