Sitting on Earth

You are sitting on Planet Earth imagining it is a sphere, spinning in space.
You have been taught that it is a little world, all alone in the vast cosmos.
You dare not mention that you possibly believe in UFO’s or aliens.
That is not socially acceptable.
Yet, you are living within the infinite.
You are sitting on earth believing every lie your ego tells you.
You are floating within the eternal infinite.
You cannot be any other way.
You are an awareness, a self-conscious, eternal something.
Your mind has forgotten and now, you are sitting on earth imagining it is all true.
Regardless of the rigidity and stupidity that surrounds, you are an intelligent, immortal being.
You are a god, a creator, a dreamer and a believer.
Your beliefs create your reality.
Whether it is here on Planet Earth or out in space on Planet Gigglewop, you create all that you experience.
Everything imaginable exists within the infinite, with you, right now.
There is no separation between you and a billion alien races.
They surround you now.
They are passing through you, and you through them.
Your mind is stopping you from experiencing a trillion different situations right now.
You could be anywhere and at any time but you forgot.
You think you are only real while you are sitting on Earth.
You are always real because your consciousness cannot die or disappear.
When you dream, you slip into hints of other places and of other times.
When you sleep, you see strange beings, odd situations and impossible scenarios.
The strange thing is, it seems normal while you are sleeping.
It is back to front.
When you are awake, that’s when you are asleep.
You are asleep to reality and dreaming this difficult world.
This world is the bad dream.
You are dreaming it into existence.
Limitation, bad luck and unhappiness are not your natural way, you simply believed these things into being.
They could not exist in your world if you did not believe in them.
You have lost control.
Your mind has been hacked and your imagination replaced with clichés.
You cannot see past your ego.
You can’t even imagine that this is all wrong and that everything is a lie.
Yet it is!
Nothing you have been taught about life is true.
Your imaginative mind has been shut down and replaced with regimentation and limitation.
You are sitting on Planet Earth right now, but you are not alone.
The whole cosmos is passing through you, but you are too full of ego to see.
Your self-glorifying ego has taken over and left your intuitive self, your true heart, without space to express.
You are lost in the dark of ignorance.
You are lost in the sadness of emptiness.
You are lost in the frustration of failure.
All because you believe your ego.
Your ego blinds you and binds you, stop listening to its dumb advice and take responsibility for your actions, for your life.
You are an eternal and free being that thinks it is a grain of sand under big brothers decadent boot.
Wake up and change your mind.