Snippets of pictures

Imagine that you have been locked in a prison after having spent a free and carefree life, wandering the world.
You would be frustrated, angry and disappointed.
You would day dream, night dream and be forever thinking of your past and wishing circumstances could be different.
Your dreams would be snippets of pictures from your free past, mixed with feelings of desperation and hopelessness.
Your dreams would be restless, uncomfortable and frustrating.
During the day, you would be tired, dissatisfied and always slipping into daydreams of what could have been or what used to be.
You are like that in this world, except you have forgotten that you have an eternal past.
Deep down you remember, and of these memories surface as glimpses of strange and uninterpretable ideas.
You see snippets of this forever-past, when you dream.
You have moments of peace and moments of extreme joy, but they are rare.
You often slip into daydreams of what could be and what used to be.
You are frustrated, angry and disappointed with your life.
You do not belong in this earthly prison but you can escape if you remember what you are.
When you start to recall your origins, your understanding and fortune will change for the better.
Seek absolute freedom and forget the details.
Focus on the one big goal and let your intuition find the thread that leads you out of the madness and mixup of daily living.
Desire only absolute freedom and the rest will take care of itself.
If it seems too easy and too simple, do it then.
But don’t relent upon your intent.
Desire one thing, absolute freedom above all else and nothing else.
You don’t have to remain in prison, your own intuition is the key.
Its name is absolute freedom, call it often.