Technology is a steam train

Technology on Earth is slowly leaked to us, as if we are dumb and stupid and can only handle so much excitement at one time.
Technology is not new, it is recycled.
It has been around for ever.
It has come from histories forgotten and civilizations that are buried by time.
Society is not advanced, forward thinking or intelligent.
It is restricted, bound and fed poison.
It is stunted, ugly parody of what it could be.
It is overloaded with propaganda and the truth is almost impossible to uncover.
Before you became trapped in this reality, you experienced technology and wonders that are infinite years beyond what you see today.
Technology on Earth is like a steam train.
Technology within the infinite is like a galaxy-leaping space craft.
The memory of your past has been suppressed by various means and your mind has been filled with fairy tales and fictional histories.
You are an eternal something that moves around the infinite in an instant.
You are not bound by steam trains and harsh laws, that is what you believe and hence what you experience.
But it is not what you are.
You need to practice remembering.
You need to let your mind wander.
Let it take you into surprising realms of seemingly impossible situations.
This is where you came from.
This is what is normal to you.
Bad luck and misfortune are not natural, they are the requirements of the powers that rule this world.
That is the energy they feed from.
Stop feeding the monsters and start taking responsibility for your forgotten self.
Your dearest dreams of absolute freedom are realistic and possible but you have to escape the wretched hold that this world has on you.
You do that by taking the time to listen to your heart.
Surrender to your true self, your intuition, your own eternal truth.
There is no other way.
There are no teachers that can show you and no books that can guide you.
You are a lone explorer lost on an alien planet, only your heart holds the key to freedom.
Technology on planet earth is archaic and barbaric.
Technology is a steam train and you are the unwilling rails.
You need to wake up and remember that you are a galaxy-leaping space craft
Stop being impressed with the crumbs thrown on your table by the monsters that enslave you.
Turn within and turn the key to absolute freedom.
It is your natural way.