The ever puzzle

Your days are full of endless problems, puzzles and possibilities.
You solve one, only to see another surface and take its place.
It never ends, one problem solved, is space for another to arise.
You don’t solve a problem and then sit down feeling relieved and satisfied.
Immediately you solve one, your attention is taken by another and the last success is soon forgotten.
Your life is an ever-puzzle.
It is not a solution, it is not an answer, it is ever a perplexing question.
Your existence is an unsolvable problem.
Those who claim to have the answers are locked within a crystallised mind.
Gurus, masters and teachers are rampaging egos, basking in the awe of their followers.
How can they have answers to problems when there are no solutions?
Existence is not a mathematical construct, guided by sequential thoughts and rational ideas.
Life is infinite and eternal.
Rule are what you invent or believe, they cannot be universal.
You are the universe that you experience, and it varies as your beliefs do.
Nothing is bound by the laws of physics, or the speed of light or the pull of gravity, except you believe it to be so.
These laws are local only.
They pertain to the particular world you are experiencing.
Every realm, every world, every existence is founded upon agreed conditions and all who visit, make the reality appear concrete, by agreeing to believe in them.
This earthly realm you experience, is built upon billions of years of shared beliefs.
The world did not just appear out of nowhere and then get discovered and then laws uncovered.
This world and every other world is believed into existence.
This is part of the ever-puzzle.
Nothing exists but everything does.
Time doesn’t exist, yet eternity does.
There is no distance but we are separate.
There are no answers because the questions are too small and the mystery too vast.
You live within and endless and intriguing puzzle.
You are that puzzle.
You live within an endless and varied mystery.
You are that mystery.
You exist.
Now that’s an ever-puzzle.
But don’t believe me, I am not a teacher, ask your own intuitive self.