This creepy reality

Every being experiences a different world.
Worlds may appear to be similar but the details vary considerably.
You won’t realise this unless you look closely and observe the many strange coincidences that happen every day.
Your world is your unique, alone experience.
Constantly you are receiving signals and prompts that tell you that what you are experiencing is yourself.
You are not experiencing big brother, or another’s life.
You are witness to your own reality, one that is made up from the thoughts that you project as beliefs, into the creative nothingness of eternity.
Your day is loaded with impossible coincidences.
Usually you dismiss them as mere chance.
However, if you would care to stop a moment each time something amazing occurs, you would be overwhelmed by the obvious influence you always have on your environment.
You would be amazed at how it is constantly reflecting your thoughts back at you.
Even your TV is not some sort of rigid universal broadcasting mechanism.
It is broadcasting you back at yourself.
There are myriads of individual and personal changes happening before your eyes but you are always in a daze, so you are not aware of them.
Everything in your world is alive, from your computer to your toaster, from your home to your socks.
Everything that is a part of your life, is not apart from your life.
If it is in your world, it is alive and it reflects yourself.
You are a mind and this mind thinks, then these thoughts manifest and not always rationally.
You are a dot of consciousness, experiencing a virtual reality that has you convinced, that you are that virtual reality.
You are like a child who hears a creepy story and then believes it.
This reality is a creepy story.
You are a dot of awareness, listening to strange stories about a horrible prison planet and you believe them, now you can’t escape.
The world before you, is a living thing, every single aspect of it is.
This world is your mind in physical manifestation.
This world is full of weirdness and oddities that you have casually heard and seriously believed.
These things are alive and within your awareness.
Your world is not a simple physical reality where there are good guys, bad guys and in-between innocent folk.
Your world is a seething, twisting and squirming reality overloaded with strange living thoughts and fleeting ghosts of ideas.
It is your world, it can’t harm you but it can drag you deeper into the illusion of reality.
Stop believing the fantasies, falsities and lies that surround you.
Listen only to your heart, the rest is untrue.
Kill the monsters in your mind and you will kill the disasters in your world.
Face your fears because you believed them and turned them into real events.
You are not an innocent victim and your world is not a fairy tale land.
Take responsibility for every atom of your existence, because it reflects your mind.
Calm your mind and you will calm your world.
Ignore your mind and you will die over and over and over, forever trapped in this creepy reality, a world of your own making.